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Mollier’s Diagram Software

Forget about bulky printed Mollier’s diagram and generate your own interactive Mollier’s diagram as per your own range and requirement in SI or FPS unit. Generate in-built standard diagram in a flash.

View directly on the screen, save in a file and print as and when required. Generate diagrams in interactive tailor made fashion with as many or as little constant line properties as required. Draw any constant property line for any specific value on the diagram fully eliminating the need of interpolation as generally required in commercially available printed diagrams. The clarity of the diagram is greatly enhanced by using different colors of the computer display.

Locate and identify interactively any point with two input parameters on the diagram to get clear picture of its position in the entire range and simultaneously get other property values of the point on the screen. Verify and demonstrate that constant line generated on the diagram using the input value of any property passes through the point already located on the diagram. Teachers and students explore, investigate and explain the nature of variation of the properties with respect to one another just by few clicks. It provides two points, if exists, with enthalpy and quality as input.

Use two types of diagrams: Enthalpy-Entropy diagram and Temperature-Entropy diagram

Here are the screenshots of the programs

Click on the images to view bigger screenshots

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There are two versions of the software available. The trial version can be run only for 15 days for evaluation.

The full version of the Mollier’s diagram software provides the full functionality. The price of full version for each diagram is only 10 USD for single machine. If interested to buy the full version, please make payment through the link provided. The download link shall be provided within 24 hours of payment.

The author does not take any responsibility or liability for the correctness of the output and the user must use the software at his own responsibility.

Download Trial Version
Free. But limited to fifteen (15) days validity.

Purchase the Full Version
US$ 10 only for each diagram

  Mollier's Diagram Enthalpy Entropy      

   Mollier's Diagram Temperature Entropy

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