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Excel Add-in for Steam-Water-Properties

Excel Add-in for Steam-water-properties is a comprehensive software for finding steam and water thermodynamic properties like pressure, temperature, enthalpy, entropy, viscosity, dryness fraction, thermal conductivity, specific volume and specific heat properties. The input required are only any two parameters of pressure, temperature, enthalpy, entropy, viscosity, dryness fraction (quality) and specific volume


The function nomenclature is very simple in the form of a_b_c(x,y). The first parameter a is the output property, b and c are input properties and x, y are the numerical values of the input property parameters in units as defined below . For example a function input in any excel cell like enthalpy_pressure_temperature(100,400) shall give an output of enthalpy 3097.3752745. All the output will be exactly same as obtained from the steam-water-properties software provided in Home page.


There are huge 120 number functions each for the SI unit and FPS unit Excel add-ins. The excel add-ins for steam and water properties gives a quantum advantage in using the power of excel for determining the various properties of steam/water and subsequent calculations coupled with excel inbuilt graph plot facilities.


Units for input/output :



SI unit


Pressure – bar

Temperature – Deg C

Enthalpy - kjoules/kg

Entropy- kj/(kg K)

Quality – Decimal

Specific volume - cum/kg

Specific isobaric heat - kj/(kg K)

Specific isochoric heat - kj/(kg K)

Viscosity - P a s

Thermal conductivity - W/(m K)


FPS unit


Pressure – lbs/sq inch(a)

Temperature – Deg F

Enthalpy - Btu/lb

Entropy- Btu/(lb-F)

Quality – Decimal

Specific volume - cuf/lb

Specific isobaric heat - Btu/(lb F)

Specific isochoric heat - Btu/(lb F)

Viscosity - lbm/ft/sec

Thermal conductivity - Btuhr/ft/F


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There are two versions of the software available. The SI unit version and the FPS unit version. Each version of the Excel Add-ins software provides the full functionality of 120 functions. The price of full version for each diagram is only 10 USD for single user. If interested to buy any version, please make payment through the link provided. The download link shall be provided within 24 hours of payment. After payment please send a confirmatory message using 'Contact Us' link.

The author does not take any responsibility or liability for the correctness of the output and the user must use the software at his own responsibility. Contact for any query that you may have.

Purchase the SI unit  Version  US$ 10 only for single user

Purchase the FPS unit Version US$ 10 only for single user         


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