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Select the proper Steam and Water Properties Excel Add-in


Software for steam and water properties is quite common now. Such software do come in standalone mode and does not require other engines for running. But the Excel add-in for steam and water thermodynamic properties not only provides all the functionalities but also come as a very handy tool for heat/power engineers since the in-built power of Excel adds to the benefits in many ways.


In the Excel environment, user can process the output obtained for further calculation, optimization, graph plotting, use of solver functions, heat balancing etc. In fact the flexibility and possibilities of using the steam properties add-in functions for further engineering and scientific calculations within Excel are almost unlimited and truly depends upon the skill and imagination of the user.


It is not difficult to procure such steam and water properties Excel add-in software through internet. However, all of them do not provide same range of functionalities. Most important aspect of such add-in software is to see that how many functions are available. Next item to check is input requirements which must be versatile and should require minimum number of input covering the total range of wet, saturated and superheated zones in a generalized manner. The third item to look at is the choice of units. Generally both SI and FPS units are required as add-ins since both of them become necessary in these days of globalization.


A review of such add-in programs available over internet reveals that most of them are sold at a reasonable price and provides only limited number of functions. Many of them are available only in SI units. Very few of them are available in British or FPS units. Most of the add-ins cover only direct functions of IAWPS-97 and only few of them provide reverse functions which are very useful at times.


Hence it will be advisable that while scouting for a steam water properties excel add-in, the heat power engineering personnel must check the number of functions, units of his choice, availability of reverse functions and the corresponding price.



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