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Steam and Water Properties Software

Steam-water-properties is a comprehensive steam table software for finding steam and water properties like pressure, temperature, enthalpy, entropy, viscosity, dryness fraction, thermal conductivity, specific volume and specific heat properties when any one combination of following parameters are given:

Here is a screenshot of the program

steam water properties software

The calculations are done based on the code IAPWS IF-97. The steam and water properties are extensively used for thermodynamics, steam power plant cycle design, optimization, heat balance, heat exchanger design, steam engine, steam boiler, steam turbine, steam generator, steam heater, steam machine etc.

The software allows many choices of input and output units commonly used for SI, English and customary US practices. The operation is extremely simple. Just select two input check boxes from the available combinations, select the input and output units as desired and click the ‘Calculate’ button to get the output. For any other combination of input parameters just click the ‘Clear/restart’ button and repeat the procedure.

If there is no output after execution of ‘Calculate' command, then either the input data is out of calculation range or there is error in input data. For some input combinations few properties are not shown in the output since calculation of such properties are not covered in IAPWS IF-97. The software even provides two solutions, if exists, for enthalpy and dryness fraction as input.

There are two versions of the software available. The trial version can be downloaded for free but with only fifteen (15) days validity.

The full version of the Steam-Water-Properties Software provides the ability to run all possible fifteen (15) combinations. The price of full version is only 10 USD for single user. If you are interested to buy the full version, please make payment through the link provided. The download use the software at his own responsibility.

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